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Keep offices updated & maintain consistency with easy-to-use corporate digital signage

Control the content that displays on screens in lobbies, break rooms, cafeterias and sales floors — so you always have content relevant to your audience.

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Sales dashboards, manufacturing safety boards, external announcements, training, stock and news feeds – create and edit content with the tools you already use in your company every day.


Whether Skykit is run by an office manager, marketing, or IT, there’s no need to learn a new interface. You can upload image files, PDFs, video files and more in seconds.

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Display content on a single screen or multiple screens, schedule your programming and communicate with all your offices, fresh content and maintain a unified brand experience across your corporation.


Apply enterprise-level control of your display network for your corporation with Skykit’s dynamic content design, Code Bundles, Admin Console, and other advanced features. Seeking dashboard integration? Be sure to specify your needs during your Skykit discovery call.

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“There are many benefits for our members that take advantage of the NEMEON Network. One of our members who advertises special order products using Skykit said their sales go through the roof when they share product info that is typically not in the catalog.”

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