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SectorNow Reaches High as Skykit Channel Partner

Skykit Channel Overview

Skykit’s network of AV companies, integrators and hardware providers help to install, deploy and support Skykit, a born-in-the-cloud digital signage content management system (CMS). Partners have complete autonomy to manage clients, provision customers, add tenants and perform ongoing account management, with support every step of the way.

SectorNow Looks to the Cloud

SectorNow provides custom digital communications systems to K-12 schools, colleges and universities, museums and more. They work closely with their customers to design holistic solutions — combining hardware, software, and communications tools that meet each entity’s unique needs.

In working with public schools, SectorNow was aware that many school districts are using Google G Suite’s collaborative apps at both the administrative level and in the classrooms. Since these tools are managed on Google Cloud Platform, it made sense to add a cloud-based digital signage solution to SectorNow’s portfolio.

Skykit is the first end-to-end Google-based digital signage solution. It easily distributes content to any screen, anywhere in the world. Using a powerful browser-based content management system (CMS) built on Google Cloud Platform to run all centralized services for Skykit, end users have the ability to create, manage, collaborate, and quickly distribute communications to digital signs anywhere in the world.

Skykit Exceeds Expectations

You learn a lot about a partnership the first time you hit a speedbump. In late 2018 a hardware failure affected SectorNow. This meant that its customers were about to call with problems that needed solving quickly.

“When the hardware issue affected some of our customers in 2018, Skykit got everyone involved on the phone and laid out a proactive plan to resolve the issue, no excuses were made – just solutions. We were treated like important customers.”

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The Spirit of Collaboration

Skykit’s partner program is designed to promote success — providing training, co-branded marketing materials, sales support, and any other help along the way. For many partners digital signage may be a single facet of a larger scale solution, while for others it is the main component. In every case, Skykit is ready to prioritize its partners’ needs in order to help them succeed.

SectorNow has even provided feedback that has contributed to product improvements.

“Skykit’s partnership culture makes it very easy to succeed, it’s clear that Skykit is committed to building an evolving product that makes customers and partners happy for the long term.”

Evelyn Bartlett, SECTORNOW

Here’s what SectorNow’s customers like about Skykit:

Skykit is currently used by hundreds of companies with tens of thousands of displays across North America. The CMS lets users share content in the most secure, reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use environment. Skykit is suitable for companies in just about every industry — all you need is a display, access to the internet, and a Chrome-based media player.

  • User interface is easy to learn and intuitive to use – SectorNow trains users in about an hour
  • Cloud-based platform means there is no software to install or update
  • Schools are already familiar with Google G Suite and Chrome devices, making Skykit a perfect fit
  • Schools trust the security provided by Google
  • Users control what to share and when to share it, creating seamless transitions in their displays. Content updates can be made on a schedule, or in real time
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