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Osburn Contractors Turns the Screens Back on with Skykit: Osburn Contractors logo White

Osburn Contractors Turns the Screens Back on with Skykit



Use Case

Corporate Communications



Osburn Contractors Overview

Osburn Contractors LLC is one of the nation’s foremost builders of big-box, industrial structures as well as complex, multistory tilt-wall buildings and large-scale concrete paving projects serving central Texas and southern Oklahoma. Osburn also provides full-service trucking and concrete pumping solutions to customers in the Southwest.

Osburn Contractors
Osburn Contractors Turns the Screens Back on with Skykit: Osburn Contractors Feature 2

The Challenge

With more than 2,100 employees across three locations, a digital signage solution has long been a part of Osburn’s employee communication strategy. Prior to working with Skykit, Osburn used another SaaS digital signage provider but found the solution complex, buggy, and difficult to use. The frustrations with their previous CMS tool led to Osburn’s signage system going unused.

The Skykit Beam Solution

As new marketing team members joined the team, finding a new signage solution became a top priority. Through their partnership with FastSigns, Osburn Contractors discovered Skykit BeamAfter careful review, Osburn chose to partner with Skykit for its ease of use and an exceptional experience with the sales team.

The Results

Today, Osburn has displays at two locations with plans to include new displays once construction is completed at the company’s third location. 

Displays are located throughout the offices to greet visitors and employees, celebrate birthdays, as well as showcase Osburn commercials, company videos, and employee features, which is a company favorite. Regardless of which type of content, the visuals, and displays captivate audiences and engage employees.

“Now that we have an easy-to-use CMS, our content is simple to keep up-to-date. Our employees really enjoy seeing what’s new at Osburn and the Employee Spotlight content. We find having the displays live and updated has really helped boost office morale"
Maria Alvillar
Vice President of Human Resources

Osburn plans to continue expanding its signage network by installing additional displays in its soon-to-be-completed third location.

They are also partnering with additional departments to promote new types of content including work anniversaries, traffic notices for their trucking department, and safety goals for job sites.