Georgia World Congress Center Sees Rapid ROI with Skykit Digital Signage: GWCC Logo 01

Georgia World Congress Center Sees Rapid ROI with Digital Signage

Use Case

Corporate Communications, Wayfinding


Skykit Challenge Overview

The Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) is a 1.5 million square foot convention center facilitating events and activities that generate economic benefits to the citizens of the State of Georgia and the City of Atlanta. Three connected halls offer meeting rooms, exhibition halls and ballrooms/auditoriums for conventions, trade shows, film production, and much more.

Georgia World Congress Center
Georgia World Congress Center

The Challenge

GWCC has 120 rooms that are rented for conventions, exhibitions, training and other purposes, with a large digital screen outside of each space. The screens display the GWCC logo, the time and date, and the location (e.g. A402). The largest portion of the screen displays a schedule of events that changes daily based on the organization renting the space. This information created the biggest challenge in terms of content management since the legacy system was so difficult to update, requiring an IT resource to make any changes.

GWCC had been using an on-premise digital signage solution that was complex and laborious, demanding a great deal of time and support from the IT department. This legacy system was too complex for GWCC event clients to use on their own—in fact the IT department was tasked with writing new code every time the screens needed updates.

GWCC urgently needed to find a digital signage content management system (CMS) that was so simple to use it’s convention/event customers could update their own screen content, with no training involved.

The venue had specific requirements:

The Skykit Beam Solution

Adding digital signage was an important investment that would solve a long-term need. GWCC has a lean IT crew, so simplicity and ease of use were paramount in a potential digital signage CMS. GWCC had been evaluating digital signage solutions for three years, but each solution they looked at only partially met their requirements.

In 2019, GWCC met Skykit, a Minneapolis-based Premier Google Cloud Platform partner. After the initial discovery, several IT consultation calls, and demos, it was clear that Skykit could be easily implemented at the convention center, and that users could manage their content with little to no training. This ease of use was important because it meant clients would not need to rely on the IT department’s resources.

Since there are so many screens, GWCC needed to provide its event clients with a simple way to manage their rooms’ screen content. Skykit created a code bundle that enables users to enter data for each screen into a simple template that would automatically populate the assigned screens with stylized information. Code bundles are applications designed to deploy a Javascript, HTML or CSS file via Skykit. That data is then shared on the screen automatically while their events take place.

“After spending years looking for the right digital signage solution, we found Skykit to be the simplest solution for our not-so-simple needs” “In fact, the signs are a revenue stream for GWCC, resulting in a very rapid return on our investment.”
Mark Geiger

The Results

Georgia World Congress Center Sees Rapid ROI with Skykit Digital Signage: GWCC Skykit Display 3
Georgia World Congress Center Sees Rapid ROI with Skykit Digital Signage: GWCC Skykit Display 2
Georgia World Congress Center Sees Rapid ROI with Skykit Digital Signage: GWCC Skykit Display 1

GWCC currently has a 43” monitor installed outside each of its 120 event rooms. Skykit’s cloud-based software provides cutting edge security for content. Each screen is mounted to the wall inside a Peerless enclosure with a Skykit-approved media player. This enclosure is locked, making it tamper-proof and secure. It also provides a sleek aesthetic.

The screens are managed by Skykit—a simple, cloud-based digital signage platform that lets GWCC clients easily display content for their events. Content can be shared on a scheduled basis or updated in real-time. Skykit’s code bundle allows every screen to be managed within a single template, or screens can be managed in groups.

Before move-in day, GWCC provides a template to clients, assigning them to the room they’ll be using. The client then populates the template with daily schedule information. Any updates that need to be made are fast and easy. In addition to meeting info, clients select advertisements they want to run on the screens during their event, such as event partners.

GWCC offers clients a service in which they’ll help manage the content if the client thinks Skykit is beyond their skill set. According to Blake Jenkins, event technology manager for GWCC, not one client has requested that service.

“The fact that no one requests our help with the digital signage speaks volumes about how simple Skykit is to use.”
Blake Jenkins