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Small Rural School District Goes Big with Digital Signage


The East Butler Public School District is located in Brainard, Nebraska. It’s a small, rural district with big goals – one of which is to “provide high levels of commitment, collaboration, and communication among students, staff and community members.”

The district footprint is small – there are only two school buildings for just over 300 students – and the PK-12 school principal, Michael Eldridge, is responsible for much of the communication to his staff, students and the community.

The Challenge

The PK-12 building is home to an elementary, junior high and senior high school. The building itself is older, and after some cosmetic updates were made, the conversation turned to technology. Eldridge wanted to modernize the way communications were being handled, as their only communication channels were a traditional loudspeaker, handouts and email.

The Solution

Eldridge received an email about digital signage and thought it would be a great way to share announcements and other news. After reaching out to Skykit to learn more, a remote demo took place. Skykit promised to be easy to implement, user friendly, and very cost effective.

“Skykit was so budget-friendly that the cost was approved right away. I implemented the system myself, which should tell you that it’s a simple installation. It’s incredibly user friendly as well.”

Principal Michael Eldridge.

Skykit digital signage lets users share content directly to any number of digital displays, keeping students and faculty in the loop about lunch menus, schedules, events, announcements and more.

The Results

Since implementing Skykit digital signage CMS, East Butler school district now has a simple, intuitive tool that allows different users to communicate consistent messages to staff, students, and the community.

A large digital display has been installed in the updated main hallway of the PK-12 building, taking center stage. Users can easily create relevant content using familiar applications (Google slides and documents, images, PDFs, videos and more), and display it on a scheduled basis or by making updates in real time. Updates can be made from any device, even cell phones.

As a cloud-based platform, Skykit is designed to grow with East Butler schools, scaling to its changing needs as required. Online support is included in the annual cost.

The school district is sharing a variety of information using Skykit, such as:
schedule icon
Daily announcements
calendar icon
Activities schedules
red apple icon
Lunch Menus
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Sports & News
workld icon
World News
weather icon

Skykit makes it easy to use consistent branding in all of its content and communications. Students, faculty and parents have voiced their appreciation for the enhanced communication. One of the journalism students is planning to share highlights from the school paper using Skykit. Go Tigers!