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Clayton County Water Authority Cleans Up Communications

Use Case

Corporate Communications



Skykit Channel Overview

The Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA) provides water, sewer and storm water services to more than a quarter of a million people throughout Clayton County and its six cities, serving approximately 82,000 customer accounts. The Authority has five raw water reservoirs capable of producing up to 42 million gallons per day of potable water, and can treat up to 38.4 million gallons of wastewater every day. Clayton County is situated just south of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA) Implements Digital Signage to Clean Up Communications : Clayton County Water Authority Hero

The Challenge

CCWA has nearly 400 employees dispersed among six treatment plants, multiple maintenance locations, a materials warehouse and the administrative headquarters. Due to the multiple locations and the fact that many employees spend a majority of time off-site, it was difficult to communicate relevant information in a consistent manner. In fact, an employee satisfaction survey revealed that communications from management to staff was lacking in terms of content, consistency and accessibility.

The Skykit Beam Solution

CCWA is recognized as an industry leader, with utility peers from all over the nation and world visiting its system to learn more about the innovative processes that make them a success. In this spirit, the organization began to investigate tools that would allow them to improve communications to employees and customers. Soon it was clear that digital signage was the solution.

CCWA consulted with Skykit and determined that adding a digital signage content management system (CMS) would close the communication gaps the employees were experiencing. The Corporate Communications department would now have three main channels to communicate with employees – email, a closed Facebook group, and digital screens.

Digital signage provides many advantages that the other channels cannot:
  • Multiple sources of information on a single screen
  • Relevant, real-time content through live feeds
  • Dynamic content that engages the audience and holds their attention

CCWA determined that they wanted 30 monitors to be allocated to headquarters, maintenance locations, the materials warehouse and the treatment plants. Skykit provided the configured hardware – all CCWA needed to do was plug them into outlets and displays and they were ready to use.

“At one point, a screen went out at a remote site, and headquarters was notified right away,” “That’s when we knew for sure that employees were engaged by and benefitting from Skykit.”

The Results

The Spirit of Collaboration

CCWA has embraced digital signage at every location.

At headquarters, screens are being utilized at the Call Center, where customer service has real-time access to current weather conditions and other relevant information that could affect call volumes. The executive conference room has a screen that can be used for presentation, news feeds and corporate announcements. And in the lobby, a playlist shares water and sewer rates, events, and tips for water conservation.

The Corporate Communications department easily shares a variety of content using Google Slides, Canva, video, news feeds and much more. Content includes:

display above printer to show employee information
“The treatment plants run 24/7 with three different shifts of employees,” “Skykit helps keep team members from every shift in the loop since we can schedule content to run at every location at any time of day. It’s been a great improvement to our communications.”