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Brady Corporation Uses Skykit Digital Signage to Bring Communications Where They Need it, When They Need It


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Corporate Communications


Skykit Channel Overview

Brady Corporation is a global leader in safety, education and compliance solutions that help companies improve productivity, performance, safety and security.

The company’s success spans more than a century of innovation, starting as a producer of promotional products and displays in 1914. Today Brady has 6,100 employees in 70 locations in 33 countries and continues to transform for the future.

Brady Corporation Skykit Digital Signage
Brady Corporation Skykit Digital Signage

The Challenge

Brady’s high standards for innovation are evident across the company, from marketing to manufacturing. Every department leverages technology to perform as efficiently as possible. Each Brady location is unique, too, as each site may have different products, brands or functions housed there.

While digital signage existed in some form at most Brady locations, updates and support had largely been dependent on each site’s capabilities.

Brady knew that each site’s needs would be different throughout the U.S., and would vary by team, making it all the more important for local control of content updates.

Brady’s IT team noticed that operations teams were using hardwired PCs to distribute content to the monitor, and would have to upload new content daily, resulting in a high-touch, cumbersome process.

Additionally, marketing teams were using their own monitor system to share product marketing materials within their teams. Some sites’ HR departments also used their own monitor solutions.

Brady needed a digital signage content management system (CMS) that was scalable, user-friendly and cost-effective, but that would allow for local content updates.

The Skykit Solution

Brady had already implemented a 9,000-license G Suite Enterprise, and felt that Skykit, a premier Google partner, would be an ideal digital signage solution partner as they were fully integrated with G Suite and Drive.

Skykit’s cloud-based content management platform allows organizations to seamlessly display content in seconds, reaching target audiences at the right place and time, and provides savings in both time and cost. Content can be created in familiar applications, eliminating the need for special software purchases.

IT identified individuals within each department to train, bringing content managers up to speed in minutes. Skykit provided the configured Chromeboxes; all Brady needed to do was plug them into outlets and displays, and the CMS was ready to use.

Human Resources

Shares compliance and labor-related materials, employee milestones, and key company updates.


Uses spreadsheets to illustrate production goals and statistics on scoreboards and QA scores. Also shares cafeteria information, weather updates, safety information and stock prices.


Shares information to the customer services and inside sales teams including product demos, videos, and slides on new products and solutions for customers.

“We were really struggling with not having a consistent solution, and users were relying heavily on the IT department to help them.” “When we plugged in and tested Skykit, we were amazed by how easy it was to use. It’s a cost-effective solution and since it’s cloud-based, we can keep expanding our use without the worry that we’ll outgrow it.”

Jaime Bisgrove
Senior Manager – Digital Workplace @ Brady Corporation

The Results

Brady uses Skykit to display multiple sources of information on a single screen, sharing relevant, real-time content through live feeds. Employees find Skykit very easy to use, and the wireless configuration eliminated the need to run costly cables across departments.

Since it is cloud-based, the CMS offers unlimited storage, no transmission fees, and the ability to cache data on the media player. It also offers device management with automatic software updates. Other benefits the company has seen:

Operations managers report increased production levels at several work centers thanks to the improved communication and data available to workers.

The IT department can support and manage screens at multiple sites from a single location. This time saved has freed up IT employees to focus on other priorities.

Employees are more informed about the company in general. The signage provides employees with an additional means of receiving information on site activities, company benefits, and more, beyond traditional email channels.

The company now has the ability to promote a better safety culture.

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