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Why You Need A Digital Signage Android MDM, the Best Way to Manage Your Screens and Kiosks Remotely


With the staggered return to work, today’s IT network and operations managers need a digital signage Android MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution that keeps them connected to their network wherever they are – at home or in the office.

Content creators, marketing managers, and internal communications leaders need to ensure messages are reaching the right audiences – even if they themselves are not in the same location as their digital signage network of displays or kiosks.

An Android MDM (Mobile Device Management) system gives you visibility into your digital signage network of displays.  This is critical to ensure screens are on, content is running as planned and error messages (if they happen) are remedied instantly.

Down screens may not only mean critical data isn’t being shared or Joan isn’t seeing her happy birthday message, but can also result in lost revenue from ad dollars or your support team missing critical customer support tickets.

Control, Skykit’s Android MDM solution, allows you to monitor your device status, update software and troubleshoot remotely, avoiding the pain commonly felt when managing digital signage or kiosk networks. We built Control specifically to help IT managers and content creators better manage their digital signage and kiosk networks and provide peace of mind.

Whether you’re in IT managing a device network and need to know what’s happening or a content creator and need to understand if your message is reaching the right audience, Control gives you the insight you need. It’s the leading Android MDM built for digital signage and supports networks with unlimited devices.

Let’s see how Control can help you better manage your digital signage displays.

Skykit Control - Unraveling the Impact of Android MDM

How IT Teams Manage Digital Signage Networks with Control

As an IT operations manager, if your team is responsible for managing your digital signage network, that means you need to be in the know about what is happening on and with your devices at all times. This is where an Android MDM solution for digital signage can change the game for you and your team.

Control provides your team with the device or network-level management you need:

  • Remotely restart, reboot, and troubleshoot your Android devices. No need to climb ladders, pull wires or drive to the device’s location.
  • Easily access your device status and information from anywhere. Let us streamline your digital signage network so it is as easy to work remotely as it is to work onsite.
  • Gain peace of mind. Control attempts to contact the device five times before it sends an alert to your network manager in order to minimize false alerts.

How Content Managers Use Control to Display the Right Messages

Whether you’re communicating company-wide open enrollment deadlines or operating a DOOH ad network, getting your message out to your audience correctly is critical to the success of your business. A digital signage MDM, like Skykit Control, can help you grow and scale the reach of your messaging or advertising by taking the stress out of managing all of those screens.

Control helps ensure that your message is displaying in the right place at the right time by providing: 

  • Device lockdown features that limit your digital screens or kiosks to single-app mode and remove the risk of your playlist being disrupted.
  • Device health and network alerts that drive confidence and enable you to resolve issues remotely and minimize downtime.
  • Proof-of-play reporting can help you grow your DOOH business or simply audit the messages that you are sharing across your network.

Don’t let your screens go dark. Contact us today to find out how Skykit Control can help you manage your digital signage and kiosk network of devices. It’s the digital signage MDM you’ve been waiting for that can make all the difference.

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