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What Skykit is Doing to Address COVID-19

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Last week I shared with Skykit customers and partners the measures we’ve put in place to address concerns around COVID-19. Upon reflection, I decided to share with a broader audience not only these safety measurements but also information on how to access from one of our partners, Seenspire, free curated social media feeds around COVID-19 for digital signage usage via a Web View / URL.

WAddressing COVID-19: a letter to our customers & partners

Dear Skykit Customers and Partners,

I wanted to extend a personal note to let you know how we are working to protect our employees, clients, and partners as concerns around COVID-19 continue to grow. We are following the news closely and stressing the importance of taking every precaution to ensure the good health of our community. Everyone’s health and safety is our highest priority.

Measures Skykit is taking to provide uninterrupted services to our clients:

  • The Skykit platform consists of cloud-based software systems that are highly secure, scalable and flexible. We don’t anticipate any interruptions in service.
  • Software development, QA, and support teams are equipped to work remotely and will continue to provide service to the Skykit Platform.
  • Employees have been provided with monitors, laptops and/or desktops, IP phones, and other equipment to facilitate working from home.
  • We will support project workshops and kick-offs using remote conferencing and collaboration tools and extend these as required.

Measures we are taking in accordance with the CDC and other guidance:

  • Continuously disinfecting high-touch items such as door handles, hard surfaces, etc.
  • Team members who are not feeling well will remain home.
  • Complying with Minnesota state laws concerning safety and sanitation.
  • Converting in-person events to virtual, or postponing until further notice.
  • Suspension of all travel.

Information you can use and share:

For information about how Skykit can help you manage an effective communication plan during a crisis, please read our recent blog post, Keep Calm and Carry On: Leveraging digital signage for crisis communications.

In addition, feel free to use the links to free curated social media feeds compiled of news and updates from the official accounts of trusted public health sources—WHO on a global level, and NHS, CDC and others on a local level.

Combining displays with curated, automated, dynamic updates from these official sources is a scalable way to address the critical need for timely info about COVID-19.

This information is being shared courtesy of Seenspire.

COVID19 – US: https://content.seenspire.com/eZqd-GaTy-MXZH

COVID19 – UAE: https://content.seenspire.com/XJ1W-GlVm-JL5L
COVID19 – UK: https://content.seenspire.com/fh6y-GP0h-px96
COVID19 – CA: https://content.seenspire.com/SPqh-cH0Y-sZHB
COVID19 – AU: https://content.seenspire.com/gFn0-pqL0-0jmE
COVID19 – IT: https://content.seenspire.com/z4rQ-ptxc-Qk3C
COVID19 – DE: https://content.seenspire.com/WMqs-RixS-RhS3
COVID19 – FR: https://content.seenspire.com/5Cwu-M7Up-c9qN
COVID19 – NL: https://content.seenspire.com/Ge2U-EF6S-aPlY
COVID19 – BE (FR): https://content.seenspire.com/PRsA-kyUW-hByC
COVID19 – BE (NL): https://content.seenspire.com/V2Gv-K4Pz-Zxgq

Please share with anyone that can use it. The URLs can be copied and pasted into a digital signage playlist that supports HTML5. Through repeated communication, amplified on as many screens as possible, we can help stop the further spread of Coronavirus. *Disclaimer: not-mobile friendly, but made for digital signage or TV screen display. COVID-19 Digital Signage costa rica information

Through repeated communication, amplified on as many screens as possible, we can help stop the further spread of Coronavirus.

Skykit is committed to supporting you as the impacts of COVID-19 unfold. We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate in a timely and transparent way.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns during this time of rapid change and uncertainty.


Irfan Khan

Skykit CEO

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