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Trade Show Digital Signage: 5 Tips for Success


Trade Shows. They’re often the most stressful and chaotic marketing activities. They cost a significant investment in time, money and resources, which puts a lot of pressure on marketing to showcase your company’s products or services and maximize your ROI.

5 ways digital signage can make trade show marketing easy & effective

1) Save Money by Increasing Efficiency

You’ve got to spend money to make money, right?

Trade shows require an investment to ultimately extend your brand, meet new prospective customers, and drive revenue for your business. Your trade show budget obviously should make you consider with extra attention what is and what is not worth an investment based on your business goals.

By taking your signage digital, you save both time and money.

Printing new signage means throwing money into project management, design, printing, shipping, and more. But, since digital signage can be updated via an online content management system in real-time, the idea of printing new signage each time you have a light bulb moment for new content seems pretty old school. Plus, most research shows that within a year of implementing digital signage, you see a 30% savings in costs!

Digital signage allows you to utilize and implement all of your content ideas as they come to you with only your investment in software licenses (and one-time hardware costs of course).

2) Increase Audience Interest and Engagement

Using digital signage as part of your trade show marketing strategy helps you engage with attendees before they even step foot in your booth.

This is crucial for success at conventions because every company is fighting for attendees’ attention at once.

We’ve walked the earth with static imagery for quite some time now. Billboards, flyers, banners… these all work, but research shows that people respond better to marketing tactics that are new and exciting.

Of the 70% of Americans who recall seeing a digital video display in the past month, 47% specifically recall the ad they saw. In fact, digital signage captures 400% more views than static signage.

That being said, there are a number of ways to utilize digital signage to engage convention attendees while they wander through countless booths and displays waiting for something special to catch their attention.

3) Broaden Audience Demographics

Digital signage is a means for your company to reach multiple different target audiences with the same sign.

With the opportunity to display videos, images, tables, charts, slides, or whatever else your creative team can come up with, reaching more than one demographic is easy.

For example, industry case studies could be on display for the prospect approaching your booth who might be curious about what your company can do for their specific industry.

In the same display with a split-screen, or immediately after, you can display enticing images and videos that provoke curiosity to simply get people to take pictures or videos of your booth, which will get your brand more exposure when they post on their Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Digital signage allows for a variety of different types of content to be displayed, and it is possible to create the most amazing content for more than one target audience on just one screen.

4) Speed up Your Booth Setup

The stress and hard work surrounding trade shows begin the day you commit to going months before the show until the booth is completely setup on trade show day. Digital signage can help alleviate some of this stress by making a portion of the booth setup work easier.

No one likes spending hours fidgeting with trade show technology on the day of the event.

Technology issues become a thing of the past when your digital signage allows you to preload content for offline play.

Digital signage content management systems like Skykit help you save time by caching content onto your displays when you publish.

This means that you can load content from your company’s office across the country before the show and know that when your setup team plugs it into the display, it will just work right away!

5) Allow for More Display Options

Bringing your company to life through digital signage gives you multiple chances to wow convention attendees and draw them in to start a conversation that could turn into real revenue for your business.

Interested in utilizing digital signage for the next trade show you attend? Contact us!

Have you used digital signage at a trade show? Comment below and tell us your experience, we’d love to hear it!

(Last updated: 12/05/19)

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