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Powerful Skykit Beam Updates | August 2022


Here at Skykit, we’ve had a busy summer continuing to innovate and bring new product updates, features and functionality to our solutions, including Beam, our digital signage software. This month, we’re excited to announce the features that will enable you to display your Apple Keynote presentation via digital screens. We have also added the ability to easily connect Beam to your Microsoft OneDrive to allow for easy content uploading. Finally, we continue to add new Dashboard Connections every two weeks, ensuring you can display real-time data dashboards easily and securely via digital signage or large-format screens.

Apple Keynote Support Powerful Skykit Beam Updates | August 2022: Skykit Beam Updates August 2022 Apple Keynote Support

We’ve added to our list of presentation software supported in Skykit Beam, a cloud-based digital signage CMS. Now, Apple Keynote slide presentations can be uploaded into Beam and shared across your digital signage network. This is in addition to Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint, which have been available in Beam.

If you’re using Apple Keynote for your presentations, you’ll want to check out our Skykit blog for our tips for designing great Apple Keynote presentations for digital signage.

Microsoft OneDrive Support in Skykit Beam

OneDrive Support

Microsoft OneDrive users can now connect directly to Beam to upload their content even more easily!

Connect Beam to your OneDrive and directly upload your images, video, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF files. Microsoft OneDrive will now appear as an option under the “Import Files” menu option from the “+ Content” menu.

New Dashboard Connections for Digital Signage Software

SharePoint Skykit Beam Dashboard Connection The number of Skykit Dashboard Connections is expanding regularly. We add new connections every few weeks to ensure that you are able to connect your favorite data visualization software directly to Beam, our digital signage CMS. New to the library this month are:

  • SharePoint with Okta login
  • LumApps with both direct and Google login
  • Additional internal dashboard connections*

You might be wondering what we mean by “internal dashboard connections”.

Well, we recognize that many organizations have proprietary and custom data visualization tools. That’s why our team works directly with our customers to identify which data is important to display on digital signage and to build the capabilities to connect those dashboards to Beam.

Check out the complete library of dashboard connections.

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