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keeping digital signage simple
Michael Nguyen

Digital Signage: Simple and Powerful at Any Scale with Android

The consumer market is flooded with Android devices like Amazon Fire TV and NVIDIA Shield TV, so it’s no surprise to see Android in the commercial market as well. Android is known for its simple integration, ease of use and scalability, as well as a low cost of entry and secure environment.

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Linda Hofflander

Awesome 2020 Trends for Digital Signage

If you dabble in digital signage, you probably recognize this figure and what it stands for: $13.8 billion.

No? Doesn’t ring any bells? Shake any trees? Light up any digital signs?

That figure is what market researchers say will be spent in the digital signage industry in 2017. $13.8 billion dollars. That means digital signage is generating more and more interest in various industries across the globe, and those industries are buying in big, big ways.