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Workplace Digital Signage Helps Improve Employee Engagement


Today’s workforce is changing rapidly. According to Deloitte, HR departments are hyper-focused on finding new ways to improve company culture and employee engagement in order to retain talent and keep teams productive.

Fortunately, there’s technology that can help with that! Many of our customers use digital signage technology internally with the main goal being to improve communications and foster engagement across siloed teams.

What does digital signage for better employee engagement look like?

Read on to find out how we use it ourselves at Agosto (the company that developed Skykit!).

Agosto assigned a team lead from Sales, HR, Marketing, Development, and Management with access to a Google Slide presentation that automatically pushes content updates to our internal facing Skykit displays any time changes are saved.

The communications those teams choose to post is what the rest of the office sees every time they visit the breakroom, main cubicle area, or front lobby.

Content varies from daily sales metrics and KPIs, to pictures of team outings, to hilarious youtube videos to useful real-time weather and traffic condition updates for the drive home. Teams can refresh the content at any time, from any device with an internet connection.

We can update Skykit immediately with real-time updates specific to each display.

So when we have important visitors coming into the office, we can personalize a welcome message in the front lobby to greet them, while keeping the break room in the back of the office fun and engaging.

The ability to easily alter what content plays on which screens keeps our reception area professional and Sales and Marketing happy with customer-facing branding and messaging. digital display corporate communications engagement office

At the core of it all, we want to know what is going on in the office, what the teams are doing and how we can better work together to add value.

We empower our employees to create their own content to add to the displays and get involved in the conversation.

Ever have those days in the office where someone from a different team comes up to you and asks you, a la Office Space, “So what is it that you do here?” Those days are gone!

Skykit allow us to easily update and keep our digital signage content fresh and relevant while keeping us in the know and connected to each other.

Always know when the TPS reports are due, when the copier is jammed, when the next employee happy hour is, or that empty LaCroix cans should indeed be recycled in those big blue bins.

Is your company using digital signage to up your employee communications game? Comment below, we’re always looking for more ideas we can implement too!

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