Employee Spotlight – Bobby Alves

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This week we are excited to introduce you to Bobby Alves one of the newer members of our sales team at Skykit.

Bobby works closely with new customers to help them find the right workplace solution to help them meet their objectives. Read more about Bobby and what he enjoys about helping customers.

Tell me about your role at Skykit.

My job title is Enterprise Account Executive. In this role, I meet and help new customers who are looking for workplace experience solutions.

What excites you most about what you will be doing at Skykit?

I’m excited to work for a digital signage software company that has put a large emphasis on working with top partners. I believe that these partnerships will lead Skykit to provide top-tier solutions for customers.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment was bringing an innovative solution to a customer in a former position. The customer I was working with had a homegrown solution they were using and were looking to update it. We worked through replacement options, but the customer wasn’t happy with the initial offerings, but I learned more about their needs and worked with them to adjust the offer. We found something that brought real value to their team. It was an awesome experience for me and for my company.

You were in Minnesota your first week for training. As a California native, have you been to Minnesota before? What did you think of all the weather?

The first time I was in Minneapolis was when I was around 2. From what I’m told, I went to my first baseball game at the Metrodome and loved it. Since my first baseball game, I have attended hundreds of games and am a big sports fan.

Minnesota weather is a nice change of pace from the California sunshine. It’s nice to experience snow and even wear a winter jacket which is not common in California.

Tell me about your favorite hobbies and past times.

My wife and I recently welcomed a daughter to our family. So most of my time has been spent raising our amazing baby girl with our family.

As I said before, I am a big sports fan so after work, I’m either watching a game or playing in a rec league. I also love golf and enjoy getting out on the course. It’s been a bit of an adjustment since welcoming a new baby, but I still enjoy the sport and try to play when I can.

I also love to travel and be outdoors. My wife and I own an 18’ camper and take it out multiple times yearly to go hiking and visit national parks.

Favorite place you’ve been? Why?

Turkey. My wife and I visited Turkey for our honeymoon. We didn’t know what to expect but had an amazing time. We did a lot such as hanging by the Mediterranean sea, taking a hot air balloon ride, visiting old churches and mosques, and enjoying new foods. Turkey has been a highlight of my past travels and I highly recommend going.

Bobby Alves - Skykit Enterprise Account Executive
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