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Employee Spotlight | Cam James | Skykit

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This week on the Skykit blog, our Employee Feature Story is on our Skykit Operations & Support Leader Cam James. Cam is an avid rock climber, outdoor enthusiast and works with Skykit customers to ensure Skykit is functioning for customers in the field. 

Tell me a bit about your role here at Skykit? 

I dabble in a lot of different areas of the company, which makes my role pretty unique. My primary job function is to head up our Support and Operations departments. How that comes to life on a day-to-day basis depends on what our customers need. Some days, I’m testing new requirements from a company that’s looking for our solution to meet their needs. On other days, I’m helping ensure a new customer is welcomed to Skyit and receives their solution quickly and seamlessly. 

How do you help Skykit customers in your role? 

From a Skykit support perspective, I lead our team that handles customer issues and resolves them quickly. We work together with customers to not only resolve the issue at hand but ensure they have the information and training they need to get displays back up and running quickly. As I work with customers, I’m always listening for ways we can improve our solutions and our business to better serve them.

What’s one accomplishment you are most proud of?

Over the past few quarters, we have really grown as a company and we are adding new customers at record rates. Even as we are growing, we remain committed to ensuring each and every customer has a smooth onboarding.

As I work closely with sales, customer success, and our development teams, I am involved in making sure our new customers are onboarded quickly and easily. We regularly review our processes and I’m proud of how our team keeps the customer at the center of all we do and work to ensure the onboarding and continued interaction with our customers is industry-leading. It really is so rewarding to hear our customers rave about our support, service, and team in their reviews of Skykit.

What do you like most about working with customers? 

I enjoy meeting new people from companies of all sizes and hearing about how they are using Skykit to solve their problems. It is fascinating to see the different use cases; it really speaks to the breadth of our solutions.

What do you find interesting about customer use cases? 

Some of my favorite use cases are when customers truly take advantage of all of the features and functionality we have built into our solutions. For example, we have customers who are building playlists and programs with every content type available – from dashboards to video to news feeds and more. Power users intrigue me and I always look forward to learning from them how digital signage positively impacts their business.

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

I enjoy solving problems. In my role, people come to me with questions regarding an issue they are facing. No matter the size of the issue, I enjoy working on problems and coming up with creative solutions. So far, I haven’t seen an issue our team can’t solve, which is also amazing!

What do you see as your next big challenge? 

We are growing at a rapid pace. From the operations side of my role, I see keeping up with our growth rate as my next adventure. 

When you’re not in the office, what do you enjoy doing? 

I really enjoy spending time with my family. A bonus if it’s outdoors and includes rock climbing. 

Skykit is always looking for new team members to join our amazing team! Check out our openings and reach out if you are interested in learning more.

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