February 2022 Updates to Skykit Beam

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We are excited about our Skykit product roadmap for the upcoming year and we think you will be, too. Each month, we will bring you the latest and greatest updates to our digital signage products. If you ever have questions, you can reach out to support or sales for more information.

In January and early February, we released the following major updates to Skykit Beam:

  • New notification drawer
  • Improved content creation experience
  • Bug fixes and minor tweaks

1. New Notification Drawer

Ever wonder what’s happened to your video upload after it finishes loading in Skykit Beam, but it doesn’t appear in your content list? To remedy that question, we’ll be introducing a notification drawer to provide status on the progress, success, and failure of your upload. When a new upload begins, you’ll be alerted by a notification at the top right of the screen denoted by a red dot next to a new bell icon.

February 2022 Updates to Skykit Beam: Skykit Beam Updates Feb 2022 Notification Drawer

Clicking on the bell icon will open the notification drawer to show you the status of your upload. The red dot will always be present if there is an upload processing. Once all uploads are completed and viewed in the drawer, the red dot will disappear.

February 2022 Updates to Skykit Beam: Skykit Beam Updates Feb 2022 Upload Status e1643996553337

You can continue to work in Beam knowing that you can check back on the status of your upload in the notification drawer at any time.

2. Content Create Stepper Update

With all the new content types we’ve been adding, the Content Create Stepper is getting a little crowded.

We’re working on a new version to help simplify the content type selection process. In addition, you will now be able to upload multiple file types at once. The familiar blue Create button will now be labeled as Add Content or “+ Content”.

To add your respective content, click this button, “+ Content” and you will be presented with a drop-down to choose how you’d like to add your content.

February 2022 Updates to Skykit Beam: Skykit Beam Updates Feb 2022 Create Content Stepper

When importing files, you’ll be able to review the files you’ve selected and also add/remove files before you begin the upload. You can refer back to our support site on compatible file types.

February 2022 Updates to Skykit Beam: Skykit Beam Updates Feb 2022 Review Upload Queue

3. Submit a Feature Request

Have you ever wanted to improve something in Skykit Beam to make your workflow easier? You can now submit a feature or improvement request from within the Beam interface. Simply open the in-app Help Widget, click the widget menu, and find the “Request a Feature” button. From there you can submit your requests. At Skykit we are committed to providing you with an easy-to-use, scalable solution. Your feedback helps us improve Skykit Beam and other Skykit workplace experience solutions.

February 2022 Updates to Skykit Beam: Skykit Beam Updates Feb 2022 Submit Feature Request

Skykit Beam Updates
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