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Digital Signage in Education: 7 Benefits for Maximum Impact


How Digital Signage In Education Can Improve Communication, Engagement, and Learning

Thinking about whether you should join the many in using digital signage in your district, University, or educational setting?

Let’s go through a few of the reasons why it might be worth your while to use digital signage in educational settings.

1. Improves Communication

7 Benefits of Digital Signage in Education - Emergency and Security Alerts

Digital signage is an excellent way to improve communication. From important announcements to upcoming events and activities, it can be used to keep students, staff, and parents informed.

Schools can use digital signage to display news, weather updates, emergency alerts, and other relevant information to their learning community.

This is especially important in the case of an emergency, where real-time information can help keep students safe. Imagine a severe weather situation where staff and students are not sure whether it is a weather drill or the real thing.

Having digital signage available in classrooms, meeting rooms, and hallways allows students and staff to know when to act quickly in the case of a real emergency.

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2. Enhances Learning

7 Benefits of Digital Signage in Education - Hallway Digital Displays

Unlike traditional blackboards, whiteboards, and bulletin boards, schools can use digital signage to display educational content such as videos, images, news feeds, and interactive games. This can help students learn in a more engaging and interactive way, which can increase retention and improve academic performance.

It can also be used to display motivational quotes, messages, and other positive reinforcement which can inspire and motivate students.

This can be especially helpful for teachers with larger class sizes where they can separate the class into smaller groups.

Engage one set of students with interactive content on a digital display while working more hands-on with the other set of students.

3. Promotes Student Engagement

7 Benefits of Digital Signage in Education - Schedules and Reminders

By displaying student work, achievements, and accomplishments on digital signage, schools can create a sense of pride and community among students.

This can help to foster a positive learning environment where students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and strive for success.

Schools can also use digital signage to promote extracurricular activities and events, encouraging students to get involved and stay engaged with their school community.

With digital signage vs print, you are able to share more real-time content like sports teams’ scores and line-ups. Display winners of art and other competitions immediately after results are posted. Your content will never be outdated or not relevant with most digital signage’s ability to schedule content.

4. Provides Flexibility

7 Benefits of Digital Signage in Education - Hallway Digital Displays

Digital signage provides a high degree of flexibility in terms of content creation and management.

Schools can easily update their digital signage displays with new content, allowing them to quickly and easily adapt to changing circumstances. Digital signage can be used to promote special events or provide other important information to students, staff, and parents based on the location of the screens.

For example; using digital signage to promote the science fair within science classrooms, the math tournament in the math classrooms, sporting events and scores outside or within gymnasiums, or important parent pick-up information at the front office. The list goes on.

5. Improves Aesthetics

7 Benefits of Digital Signage in Education - Information

With dynamic displays and engaging content, digital signage can transform drab and boring areas into dynamic and exciting spaces. Schools can use digital signage to display artwork, photography, and other creative content that can help to enhance the visual appeal of their learning environments while showcasing student work and inspiring students with creative content.

6. Increases Revenue

7 Benefits of Digital Signage in Education - Dashboards and Fundraising

Digital signage can also be used to generate revenue. By displaying sponsor advertisements or promoting school ticketed events, it can help to increase revenue streams. Schools can promote fundraising efforts and solicit donations.

Showcasing real-time fundraising efforts, leaderboards for top-producing students, recognizing large donors, and fun ideas for how to better fundraise are all ways digital signage can help increase revenue.

7. Saves Time and Resources

7 Benefits of Digital Signage in Education - In Classroom Digital Signage

Digital signage can be a time-saving tool for schools, as it eliminates the need for printing and distributing paper materials.

Schools can easily update their digital signage displays with the latest information, reducing the time and effort needed to manually update bulletin boards and other traditional displays. This can also help to reduce paper waste and promote sustainability.

The seven benefits of digital signage we’ve listed here are just a start!

With dynamic and engaging content, digital signage can transform traditional learning environments into vibrant and exciting spaces that inspire students to learn and grow.

Connect with our team of digital signage professionals to explore how Skykit digital signage can benefit your educational institution.

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