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How Digital Signage Helps Businesses Fight Back Through the Pandemic


While the global pandemic has affected every business under the sun, some organizations have been working to help the country adapt to changing conditions. Skykit, a digital signage provider, is at the forefront of the effort to help businesses adjust to pandemic restrictions.

The company, which boasts one of the largest U.S.-based development teams in the industry, has taken an aggressive approach – from quickly developing new products to adjusting pricing for small and essential businesses.

“The market is under a lot of stress as a result of these health and economic factors,” said Irfan Khan, co-founder and CEO. “We look at what’s going on in the world and develop solutions that help our customers deliver on their business goals despite these obstacles.”

Digital signage, a technology used to display images, videos, and other content on screens, is allowing businesses of all sizes to alter their marketing and communication strategies. Here are just a few examples of how organizations are utilizing it.

1. Bridging the Communication Gap

Kickboxing gym digital signage safety

One of the biggest hurdles facing businesses – from quick-service restaurants to corporate headquarters – is communication. Organizations are having to grapple with the need to showcase safety information in addition to updated marketing messages and other content.

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is one such business. The fitness franchise has been utilizing Skykit digital signage for over a year in multiple Minnesota locations. 

Today, their screens seamlessly display reminders to wear a mask and social distance alongside class schedules, instructor information, and announcements. All of the content can be created and scheduled remotely, thanks to Skykit’s cloud-based software.

Eye-catching displays also hang in their front windows. Casey Bloemke, owner/operator of the Minneapolis location, said the colorful screens stop passersby in their tracks.

“The displays allow us to build brand equity on our off hours. So we’re growing our brand even while we’re closed.”

2. Conquering the Return to the Workplace

Skykit Beam Digital Signage and Turf Check-In Returning to WorkAs the pandemic worsened, some offices began requiring employees to sign in on a pad of paper when they arrived to work – with the idea that those workers could be notified in a timely manner if they had been exposed to the virus.

Skykit took that idea and ran with it. The recently released Turf Check-In allows businesses to offer a touchless check-in experience to both employees and visitors, minimizing the spread of germs while still keeping an accurate log of who’s been in the building.

Its counterpart, Turf Space Booking, is a desk and meeting room reservation tool that enables employees to reserve space and employers to restrict rooms that don’t comply with social distancing requirements.

Digital signage has also found its very natural place in the office environment, from COVID-19 break room signage to social media walls. Not only does the technology allow companies to set and reinforce health and safety protocols, but it also works to maintain and enrich company culture, from spotlighting employees to sharing company news.

With the rise of the hybrid workplace in mind, Skykit offers integration with popular enterprise communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, which currently supports over 115 million daily active users. These integrations help keep team members updated whether they’re at home, in the office, or somewhere in between.

3. Enhancing the Dining Experience

inside of restaurant digital menu boards on wall

At a time when growing sales is more important than ever before, digital signage has also proven indispensable for restaurants. Many are utilizing digital menu boards to more effectively switch between dayparts and update menu pricing remotely.

To help restaurants and food service providers take advantage of this tech during the pandemic, Skykit has built efficient and affordable packaged solutions that include digital menu software, pre-made templates, and the actual media player at a low monthly cost. Businesses can get these bundles quickly by purchasing directly online at

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