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New Relic Dashboards: 3 Reasons to Share on Large Format Screens


Skykit and New Relic recently announced that New Relic customers can take advantage of a digital signage integration via New Relic Instant Observability.

New Relic dashboards have the power to improve team performance. Your team just has to have the right access to those dashboards and be able to interpret them correctly. Thankfully, Increasing the accessibility of your New Relic data is easy to do with something as commonplace as a TV or large format screen.

Digital screens throughout an office, store, or restaurant are easy to find showcasing company updates, ads, or menus. In addition to these more traditional content types, here at Skykit, we have found a simple and secure way to share your third-party data visualizations, such as your New Relic dashboards.

By taking advantage of screens that already exist, or adding new ones to your network, you can broadcast your data dashboards so your team has easy access to the data that matters most.

Realize ROI From Improved Visibility of New Relic Dashboards

Your New Relic data dashboards aggregate and display key metrics and indicators so they can be easily examined by the right people. Our team has seen that oftentimes many dashboard tools are challenging for all team members to have access or access may not be appropriate for all individuals on a team.

We recently surveyed IT professionals to see if and how they are sharing their data visualizations and what results they see. For those respondents who are broadcasting their data on digital signage, nearly 75% can tie their solution directly to ROI, with 81% able to directly tie it to increased employee engagement.

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We’re seeing similar results with our customers who are also using Dashboard Connections for their other data visualization tools, such as Power BI, Tableau, Zendesk, Looker, and more. As organizations continue to bring their data out from individual logins and scale the data to more teams, the results scale with it.

Increase Efficiency and Scale of Your New Relic Dashboards

Sharing your data dashboards on a screen can be a very manual or labor-intensive task. That time is typically spent in one of three ways:

  • Emailing screenshots
  • Connecting USBs to displays
  • Logging in directly from a dedicated computer that’s connected to a TV.

With cloud-based digital signage and Skykit Dashboard Connections, there are easier ways to share your New Relic dashboards to a large format display.

Using a digital signage content management system (CMS) like Skykit Beam with Dashboard Connections, you can connect your New Relic dashboards to your screens.

Our solution stores encrypted credentials for data visualization and analytics tools, thereby eliminating the time you spend manually logging into each screen. Through your playlist, a tool within the CMS, you can easily display multiple dashboards so your screens continually have fresh content.

With a tool like Skykit Beam, it is easy to scale as your team or locations expand. Simply add more screens, basic hardware, and licenses and we make it easy to share your content – no matter if it’s  5, 10, or 500 screens.

Increase Security Around Sharing Dashboards

Sharing your New Relic data dashboards with Skykit not only boosts ROI, but also is a highly secure way to communicate your data with your audiences.

If your teams are sharing your dashboards manually with a dedicated computer that may mean you are using a shared password to authenticate to screens. Or, if you are connecting directly to your dashboard from a Smart TV, you may be relying on a publicly-available URL for your dashboard.

Neither option is secure and both scream vulnerability! Skykit Dashboard Connections keeps your data secure and accessible with single sign-on and direct login options.

The Skykit-New Relic integration is available to all engineers as part of the 500+ integrations available with New Relic’s observability platform. New accounts get 100GB per month of free data ingest, one full platform user, and unlimited basic users, queries, dashboards, and alerts. Start today by speaking with one of our experts.

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