RSS Feeds for Corporate Digital Screens

Skykit Beam Digital Signage RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds can help keep the information on your digital screens fresh, relevant, and engaging for your audience. This is critical if you want employees, visitors, and other stakeholders to monitor your digital signage for important updates and content. What do RSS feeds do? An RSS feed takes the latest updates from […]

7 Ideas for Safety Content on Digital Signage

safety content on digital signage

Companies across all industries invest in creating and promoting a safe workplace for employees. From training to building a safety culture, time and money is invested to ensure that all employees understand how to stay safe and healthy while at work. Keep reading to learn seven ideas for safety content on digital signage. For many […]

Skykit Beam Updates – June 2022

Skykit Beam Updates June 2022

You know what we say – The Sky’s the Limit! That’s why we’re continuing to roll out new content types and features within Skykit Beam to help you make the most of your displays. Check out all the exciting new updates coming your way this month.   New Content Types We are adding two new […]