June 23, 2016

Where Should You Put Your Interactive Digital Sign?

With digital signage growing faster than the speed of light, it’s great to see all of the different ways industries across the globe are using them. From powerful videos to informative messages, digital signs are changing the way we do business. Sales are increasing, branding is growing, and marketing strategies are blowing the competition away. All of this is done because somebody somewhere made the choice to move their marketing concepts to digital signage. Sometimes those somebodies come up with a really great idea when they create their digital campaign, too, and that idea is to have their clients or customers engage directly with the colorful screen before them by way of interactive digital signage. Those really good ideas are taking digital interactive marketing and customer engagement to a new realm. Here’s what I mean: In 2015, a study published by the Markets and Markets research firm determined that the interactive display market would grow by 12% over the next five years. That increase is estimated to bring the interactive market to upwards of $14.9 billion by 2020. That’s an incredible increase that speaks volumes.