May 5, 2016

When Digital Signage Meets The Internet of Things

Quantum mechanics say that we, as energetic human beings, are all connected. The Internet of Things (IoT) says that we, as technological human beings, are also all connected. These connections are about to get a whole lot bigger. Simply put, the Internet of Things is the idea of connecting any device equipped with an on/off switch to the Internet. These devices (phones, commercial ovens, restaurant kiosks, digital signs, computers, oil rigs, etc.) communicate with one another, leaving out the middleman and streamlining the entire process. With broadband Internet becoming more widely available, the cost of connecting is decreasing, and more devices are being created with Wi-Fi ability built right into them. That includes digital signage. But why all the connections? Why do we need our smartphones talking to commercial ovens? To oil rigs in the middle of the ocean? To digital signs smack dab in the center of Times Square? Because we can. And because we want to. And because it’s the way advanced technology is headed. Let’s look at a handful of industries where digital signage meets IoT, and how it’s changing the face of those industries.