April 25, 2016

Can Digital Menu Boards Boost Sales?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Isn’t that how the phrase goes? The idiom refers to the idea that a complex concept can be conveyed with a single image. The phrase was used to describe the effectiveness of graphics in advertising in the early 1900’s. Here we are, over a century later, and the expression still holds true. As digital signage continues to enhance marketing strategies in various industries across the globe, the restaurant industry is boasting impressive financial results with eye-popping digital menus. Many restaurateurs in the QSR/Fast Casual arena agree that digital menus are a worthwhile investment. Yet some establishments can’t justify spending money to make money. In 2011, a survey of 200 restaurant owners revealed that roughly 21% had intention to implement digital menu signage in the near future. And while many certainly have, it still leaves many more wondering if the investment is worth it.